Saturday, April 14, 2018

3 Step Plan to Get Your Butt in the Gym :)

Research shows music is a powerful tool to motivate you to exercise when you just don't feel like it. You'll need 3 playlists filled with songs you love. I only allow myself to listen to my playlists when I exercise, which works like a charm to get my butt in the gym.
Playlist #1:  Pre-Workout - add anything you love that makes you feel energized, excited, and powerful.
Playlist #2:  Workout - make sure to add faster songs for cardio days. Studies show faster music makes you move at a faster pace, so you'll burn more calories.
Playlist #3:  Post-Workout - this is for foam rolling, stretching, and for visualization at the end of each session. There's pretty solid research that POST-workout stretching increases muscle strength (no stretching before or during workouts). I know it's tempting to skip post-workout entirely, but you're better off scheduling enough time to stretch in order to maximize all that effort you've just put in lifting weights, etc. When you're done stretching, it's time to lay down (savasana) in a quiet place and visualize the person you've become after you've achieved the results you want.
What are some of your favorite workout songs? Do you have a public playlist to share? Don't tell me now...GET OFF THE INTERNETS AND GET YOUR BUTT IN THE GYM RIGHT NOW. Come back here later and leave a comment below when you're done working out ;)